Docker-compose homeserver templates

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Docker Compose application templates for homeserver setup

I have created a Github-repository, where I share my docker-compose files, which I use in my homeserver environment.

How to use these Files

These Containers are designed to work on a Debain (Ubuntu) based machine.
You need to install docker (see
and docker-compose (see
I also recommend to install portainer to monitor your created containers (see

For each application there is a seperate folder. You need to place these folders in your home-directory, for example into /root. The docker-compose files are designed in a way, that all configuration- and data-folders are stored in these application folders. If you want to backup your containers you simply backup these folders and you can restore them easily.

Before you deploy a container, make sure to change the password variables in the docker-compose.yml file. Somtimes there are also other variables that you can adapt to your needs.

To deploy a container, go into the application-folder and type:

docker-compose up -d

Application List – See Github Page for more information


Most of these Files I have not written myself. I found these accross the web and somtimes adapted them to my needs.

Mainly these are the template files created by the respective developer of the application.


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