Using an VEML6070 UV Sensor to calculate the UV-Index

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VEML6070 UV sensor

The VEML6070 is a UV sensor with I2C-Interface. It measures the UV light level but NOT the UV-Index. However, it is possible to convert the sensor readings to an equivalent UV-risk level/UV-Index.

Unlike the Si1145 (, this sensor will not give you UV Index readings. However, the Si1145 does UV Index approximations based on light level not true UV sensing. The VEML6070 in contrast does have a real light sensor in the UV spectrum.

Using the Sensor with Arduino

The sensor can be easily connected to the I2C pins of the Arduino (for Arduino UNO + Nano these are the pins A4 and A5).

To read the measurements the Adafruit_VEML6070-Library can be used. It can be installed directly via the Arduino Library Manager. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from GitHub:

Convert measurements to UV-Risk level

The conversion is implemented in the equivalent Adafruit library for Circuit Python ( However it is not implemented in the Arduino version.

I adapted the Circuit Python code and created an extended example sketch with risk-level-conversion.

String convert_to_risk_level(int reading) 
  int integration_time = 4;   //available for Integration-Time 1, 2, 4
                              // MUST be adjusted according to the set integration time
  reading = reading / integration_time;

  String risk_level;

  if(reading <= 560)
      risk_level = "LOW (UV 0-2)";
  else if(reading > 560 && reading <= 1120)
      risk_level = "Moderate (UV 3-5)";
  else if(reading > 1120 && reading <= 1494)
      risk_level = "High (UV 6-7)";
  else if(reading > 1494 && reading <= 2054)
      risk_level = "Very High (UV 8-10)";
  else if(reading > 2054 && reading <= 9999)
      risk_level = "Extreme (UV >10)";
      risk_level = "ERROR";

  return risk_level;

You can download the full example sketch here:

… or from the Github-Repository:


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